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Why is my 4 yr old starting to poop in his pants?

2 answers
My four year has recently been pooping in his pants for the last couple of months off and on. He has been fully potty trained since he was 2!! We havent had any changes in our lives such as new jobs, new house or a baby so I dont know what is going on!

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Hmmm...I was going to say he is probably doing this for attention, but since nothing has changed? I'm sorry. Wish I could be more helpful. 
If he is in day care or preschool you should see if there has been a change there. Maybe a friend left, a new kid came in, there was a teacher change, etc. Any number of things can cause a young child some stress without us really knowing or understanding why. Do what you can to try to find the cause and just b patient with him. Maybe go back to some of the techniques you used when you potty trained him, like rewards, etc.

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