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Why is my 7 yr old daughter crying all of the time?

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My 7 year old daughter went to second grade this year and suddenly she is crying before school, after school, during dance class. A little background, for her K-1 at school she had the same teachers, her school has blended classrooms, K-1, 2-3. and 4-5. Even back in her Kindergarten she was happy as a clam to go to school. This year she has new teachers, she is upstairs at the school, new class rooms, new kids in her class, only a couple of the kids from her 1st grade class were put in her 2nd grade class. She was fine the first couple of days of school. She has dance class on Thursdays. There she has two new classes, new teachers, new kids. Now suddenly she gets herself so worked up before school, she is making herself sick. We have asked her repeatedly if there was any specific thing with teachers, new kids, anything that might have triggered this, but she can't/won't tell us specifics. Now some of the kids are starting to do they crybaby thing, she tells her teachers that she misses her mom, that's why she is crying. My wife and I are at our wits end trying to get to the bottom of this and get her back to "normal" She has always been a sensitive kid, but this is getting extreme! Any experience with this or any suggestions??

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Hi. I'm not sure why she would be crying so much..but hopefully with some time she'll give some clues. My son did something similar this year also. He was so happy in Kindergarten but not at all happy about going to school this year. We've pinpointed it to him not digging his teacher that much and he was stressing out having to deal with a breakdown of a friendship that he had before with one of his mates who now was suddenly not interested in being friends anymore. He was stressing so much that he was dry reaching before school and constantly dreading the next day at school. It was and still is really hard for him to want to go to school as they share a common friend and it really plays on his mind all the time and often cries that he doesn't want to go. So from my experience, perhaps your daughter is not only dealing with all the changes but also some shift in a friendship/s. It’s school awful seeing them so upset, i know, esp when they loved going to school before.

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