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Why my three year old doesnt want to use the potty?

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I started potty training my son a few months after he turned two. the first time we did it for a month because he would fight me to go potty so we took a two month break. When we tried it again i had him wearing underwear all day, except for nap time and bedtime ( he wore pull ups the first time), he still was fighting me to go potty so we took another break. We recently started potty training again (he's three years old now) we are on day 5 now and he still hasn't use the potty. He will sit on the potty with no problem, he knows he is not supposed to go on himself, he knows how to do it but he still wont do it he will wait till nap time (that's when i put on the diaper on again) to go or he will wait till im distracted and does it on himself. I have tried giving him rewards for doing it, i read him potty books, show him videos, put potty songs, i even told him i would take his favorite toy away for awhile if he goes on himself again, nothing works. I don't know what to do anymore i'm stressed out and im so closed to giving up. I could understand if he was scared of it or didnt know how i can work with that but this is beyond me. He has even goes as far as hold his pee for 4 hours so because he knows he is not supposed to pee on himself but he doesn't want to use the potty. Any advice or ideas on why he is doing this will be very much appreciated.

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