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Why is our toddler hitting mommy when she gets home from work?

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Mommy works 9 hrs a day 4 days a week. Mom mom is the day care provider. When mommy gets home 18 M toddler is hitting and being naughty. Why?

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If this is a new situation, it is understandable that your toddler would act out. However, regardless of why this is happening, it is behavior that should not be acceptable. When mom is home, try to have her give your child more one on one attention. When your child starts hitting, give a warning not to hit and explain what will happen if the behavior continues. (Time outs work well for toddlers.) If the hitting doesn't stop, give a time out. The hitting should stop after a few time outs.My kids have always hated time outs and think they are the worst punishment ever. 

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