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why should i repeat everything so many times?

3 answers
I have to repeat so many times for my children to do sth, like brushing their theeth, like putting on their pj's, like getting in the car, like get in the shower when water is still running! It never gets done if i only asks once! any suggestions?

answers (3)

make sure they dont have a hearing problem. maybe kids need to be rewardedfor getting up and doing these things or punished for not doing them.
My daughter is only 2 but I am always telling her the same things over and over. When they do not want to do something some times they can be a little stubborn. My daughter has learned if we have to ask her too much to pick up a toy she loses it. She lost her puzzles and she had to show us she can pick up her toys to get them back. She got one back today after picking up her toys on her own. I think over time she will understand.
Someone told me that you have to repeat something to a toddler 25 times before they understand it.  No idea how many more times before they comply!

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