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Why won't my 14 month old Eat right.????

3 answers
When my boy was smaller he would enjoy eating everything I gave him..... Now since he's turned 1yr he gags in pieces of fruit I give him, he also gags when he tries to eat out of my sandwich he also doesn't like hamburgers or chicken sandwiches. I'm not sure what's going on but he gags for almost everything we give him. I really wish he would eat how he use to but he doesnt. Does anyone know what's going on?? What can I do???

answers (3)

It could be that his taste buds are changing, Or maybe that he's tired of eating the same thing.
Kids go through phases where they don't like certain foods. Both my kdis went through long phases where they didn't want to eat any meat. Some days they like certain fruits, the next day they don't. Little kids are just like that. Keep offering a wide variety of foods so that he can experience different tastes and textures. Phases don't last forever, he'll grow out of it eventually. Inthe meantime, offer him things you know he'll eat and make note of the foods he gags on. It could be that he doesn't like certain textures right now.
Maybe the sandwiches you are giving him are too much for him. Make him more simple things like avocado and small bites of chicken or maybe some meat and cheese slices. I make my daughter beans or soups and she loves it. Just keep offering him different options that are more on the simple side than sandwiches and things like that. 

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