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why won't my son sleep through the night?

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My 13 month old son does not sleep through the night. I have tried lettinh him cry himself to sleep. But that doesn't work. I have let him sleep with his dad and I but he still intends to wake up through the night. And I always feed him during those wake ups. Is it my fault for feeding him, everytime he wakes up?

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It's not your fault for feeding him (heck, that's what we we're supposed to do the first year), but you may have gotten him into the habit of expecting food in the middle of the night.  A couple of things to look at - how often does he wake up during the night?  Is he hungry every time, or is he just waking up out of habit and then getting a bottle because that's what happens?  If he's hungry every time, you might want to consider upping what he eats during the day.  It's totally okay to supplement his meals with morning and afternoon snacks, as long as they're healthy.  If you feel that he's not hungry and he's just waking up from habit, you might want to try delaying the bottle.  Try rocking him or singing him a lullaby, whatever you usually do to put him down, and see if he calms down without the food.  My son doesn't cry himself to sleep, either - but it's important to let him try.  What I've found works for us is a 5-10-15 minute rotation.  I give him 5 minutes after he starts crying before I go in.  Half the time, he works it out and goes back to sleep.  If he doesn't, I go in, settle him down, and go back to bed.  If he cries again, he gets 10 minutes before I go back in.  Third time, 15.  And so on.  I would highly recommend making him sleep in his own bed, no matter what - the last thing you want is for him to get in the habit of sleeping with you.  I know there are plenty of folks who believe in co-sleeping; I'm not one of them.  It's better for him if he learns to sleep alone in his own bed, and put himself to sleep instead of depending on either you or his bottle. Good luck!
My daughter didn't sleep through the night at that age either. Try giving him solids before bed so he stays full longer.
I heard the book "No cry sleep solution" was really good. It helps moms with ways to put babies to bed to sleep through the night without them crying. I havent read it but it had good reviews.  Might help you some...
He's waking up because he feels hungry. But, he's at an age where his body can easily adjust so that he eats enough during the day and won't wake up at night. When I was dealing with this with my kids I started giving them water instead of formula when they woke up. They didn't like it as much but they drank it. I decreased the amount of water they got and after about a week they stopped waking up for water.
At this point your son shouldn't need to eat during the night. Cut down his feedings and he should start to sleep better. Reduce the amount of milk you give him and start cutting out feedings. Once he's to the point where he's waking up only once switch his milk to an ounce or two of water. Decrease that until he's not drinking anything. Once he learns he won't get milk he won't be as likely to wake up, gradually reducing the amount he drinks will allow his body to adjust so that he'll eat or drink more during the day.

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