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Will I Be Able To Breastfeed?

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Throughout my whole pregnancy, my breasts have stayed the same size, and i am 37 weeks prego and I'm not lactating at all.. Shouldn't I be lactating or leaking by now? and Shouldn't my breasts be bigger? I'm worried i wont be able to breastfeed when she's born. Any advice?

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Breast change/leaking of colostrom during pregnancy has NOTHING to do with milk production. Please don't stress! I am currently nursing both my 18 month old and 3 month old daughters, and even though my breasts didn't change/I never leaked during either of my pregnancies, I have milk enough for them and to donate besides. 
yes u will! i had my daughter 2 weeks and didnt leak colostrum at all..i breastfeed my baby a few hrs after she was born and it worked out..ur body knows when the babys here and will automatically start producing..ur milk comes in a few days later..u will deff feel that come in..ur breast will get hard and heavy..make sure u buy nipple cream though for when u get home because ur deff going to need it..for me breastfeeding was to painfull even though she was latched on correctly..i bought a breastpump the day after i came home which doesnt hurt at all..hope this helps! good luck !
My boobs stayed the same size and I breast feed my 4 month old daughter. You will be fine. Use a pump if you don't start producing enough. It helps! 

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