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will i get another ultrasound?

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Im almost 30 weeks and I had my last ultrasound around 24 weeks which was when I found out I was having a little baby girl :) I have had a normal pregnancy the entire time and nothing abnormal. My doc says from measuring my belly that my baby is growing normally which makes me think they have no need to do another ultrasound. I really hope I get another one just to see her again and double check that she is in fact a she. Any input would be nice or if you have questions ask away. Thanks for the help!

answers (5)

You probably won't have another one. Insurance providers won't pay for more than one (or two if you have one early on to figure out the baby's age) unless there is a problem and it's medically necessary. If everything is going normally with your pregnancy there won't be any reason for another ultrasound.
You can always ask your Dr to do another one, or they have those cool 3D ones that you can pay for. It never hurts to ask. 
I  doubt that you will have another one. If you start getting too big, then they might but they'd have to have a reason and something to look for.
Congrats for your baby girl. And I don't think so unless something were to go wrong with your pregnancy.
Unless they have a medical reason they wont. My friend had 3 to verify gender and try to look at her face to make sure she did not have a cleft lip. Each time the dr told her "Looks like a girl but would not go out and by everything in pink" This made her nervous but she heard it 3 times I mean I would not think the dr would be wrong that much. She did have a girl.

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