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Will my baby be okay?

4 answers
i drank and smoked during the first few weeks of pregnancy, being unknowingly pregnant. I am aware how unhealthy and unsafe this could potentially be for my child. I am now almost 7 weeks pregnant. My question is, is my baby okay?

answers (4)

You'll have to wait and see. The first three months are crucial for brain development, so it's possible your baby could have some sort of problem. But, I wouldn't worry too much, a lot of women do the exact same thing and their babies turn out just fine. You really won't know much about your baby until you have an ultrasound around 20 weeks. Most doctors have an in depth scan done where the technician can look at the organs, the brain and everything else.
Probably, yes, but it's not a guarantee.  V is right, it's the first three months that are the most important for brain development, so taking any drugs/alcohol in those three months is going to cause more damage than doing them in the last three.  That said: there are plenty of children whose mothers smoke or drink throughout the pregnancy, and the kids turn out fine.  (Heck, look at anyone born in the 1950s!)  Since you've stopped drinking and smoking (I assume) and you're otherwise doing everything right, your baby should be fine.  But I definitely wouldn't continue to drink and/or smoke!
I drank the first month because I didn't know I was. Don't stress over something you can't change. Chances are, baby is fine.
MIght be...Just be honest with your doctor, they will do an ultrasound and check the baby over well to see if any damage was done.

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