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will my son be here soon?

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my edd was dec 20th. i had an appt. that day and the dr checked my cervix and still was only 70 percent thinned out. do u guys know anyway to help my cervix dilate? i can barely get myself out of bed or turn from one side to another. if im not in labor by the 28th the dr said he will induce me but i want to have my first child naturally. any ideas. thanks=]

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The only advice that I can give you is to try walking alot and have sex.. something in the mans sperm is suppose to soften the cervix so that it will dialate. I was having contractions that werent regular for a couple weeks then one night I went walking all over both walmart and kroger and bought everything we woudl need for the holidays and everything like that.. came home and we had sex twice that night and I had to go into the hospital by 2 am with contractions and was dialted to 4 by the time we got there our little guy was born later that day.. the 8th of dec.. I was due the 26th of december and was already miserable I cant imagine being past due I would be crazy lol.. Good luck I hope that this helps.. it worked for me atleast

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