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Will my strong-willed 3 year old get easier??!!

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I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old at home. My oldest son never really went through much of a terrible 2 or terrible 3 phase. He really has always been a pretty good kid. So we are very new to the terrible 3 stage with our youngest. And saying terrible is putting it mildly. He is so well behaved for family, and in preschool, but when he is at home with myself and my husband he is awful a majority of the time. He's mean to us, to his brother and does things seemingly, JUST to annoy people. Anytime we tell him to do something, he does the opposite and giggles about it. There are consequences for his actions, but whenever we enforce them, he refuses to go down without a fight. It's exhausting. I love him with every single ounce of my being, but some days I feel like I just don't like him. I know most will say that its normal (I'm fully aware that he is at that age). My question is, when (if ever) is this going to start to calm down? I'm sure part of it is his personality and he'll always be a little wild and strong-willed, but will we ever get passed this naughtiness?? It just doesn't seem like anything we do helps. I'm beat and could use some major reassurance that I'm not alone and that it will get better. Thanks momma's!!

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Mine is 4 and a half still waiting for it to pass sorry

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