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This will sound ridiculous, but I'd appreciate reassurance...

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Let's just say that I'm under 18. I'm not sexually active in the slightest (thank god) and I completely understand that what I am about to describe is extremely ridiculous. However, it's really ruining my life. I do have OCD and hypochondria, so just hang tight. Anyways, at the beginning of last month, I stayed with my two male teenaged cousins for a few days. I took a shower on one of those days. In the shower, to clean my vagina I used a clean washcloth and shower gel. As I type this I understand how odd this sounds, but I can't shake it from my thoughts. Before I went into the shower, my cousin had showered in there. Now, he has a habit of talking to himself out loud... And pretty clearly I heard him say something along the lines of "I came". My point is that I am afraid that he ejaculated and did not clean up. I didn't necessarily notice any sperm or anything, but then again as a virgin I have no clue. I am scared that I set down my washcloth in precum or sperm, and that the handle of the bodywash I used had precum or sperm onto it, which then made contact. Since I am not sexually active, I'm on no birth control of sorts nor do I have an IUD. Later that month, I got my period, as well as this month. Though I've read that you can still bleed and be pregnant, though mine was much more than spotting. I also took a home pregnancy test which came out negative, though I don't know whether or not I should trust it as it was expired, and I didn't take it in the morning as most sources suggest. I do feel like I have been urinating more lately, which is apparently a symptom. Though I can't say I've noticed anything else. I'm being hysterical. Sorry.

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