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I am 19 and i dont know if im pregnant or not. I thought i got my period but now idk if thats what it is. its super light. And what im wondering about is im getting a discharge. doesnt smell bad or anything but its clearly there, i have never noticed that when im on my period, maybe i wasnt looking. but i am worried, is it too soon to tak a prego test cause my period was supposed to come on the 19th but i started on the 13th and its been super light on top of being early. does anyone think then can help? ~Whitney

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You can take a test now but if you are pregnant you may not be far enough along to get a positive result. I would wait until the time when you expected your period before taking a test.All kinds of things can affect your cycle, having an early or "weird" period now and then isn't uncommon or anything to worry about.

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