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wondering about 16 month old's sugar intake?

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my son has always had a fairly good diet, even for a older child( he's only 16 months old). he eats fresh fruit for breakfast and lunch every day and if he eats all his food i'll usually give him a little snack(like a few mms or a hersey kiss). the other night my husband left a pack of oreos on the coffee table, so the next morning that is the first thing ayden saw. he had been good for a few days and i thought he deserved a special morning, so we had a oreos for breakfast morning. i told some coworkers about it(innocently thinking it was a cute story). they were shocked by it, stating they would never feed such a unhealthy breakfast to their children. it's not a everyday thing, or even a every month thing. was i wrong, creating a need in him for oreos every morning or should kids have a special morning every once in a while for just being a good kid? i'm a young mom and dont want to mess up his future dietry needs.

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Chances are he won't expect Oreos for breakfast every morning, so don't worry. One morning I was too tired to cook for my kids so I let them have chocolate pudding. It was definitely a one time thing and they've forgotten all about it. They're prefectly happy with eggs, cereal, yogurt, or any of the other healthy breakfasts we give them.That said, you shouldn't be giving him candy or sweets on a regular basis. You shouldn't be eating that stuff either, it's just not healthy. Once in a while is fine, but junk foods shouldn't be a part of your regular diet. At 16 months old a child's snacks should be fruit, vegetables, yogurt, crackers, and other healthy foods. You're setting your son's tastes right now and if you routinely give him sugary snacks he'll be more likely to prefer those over healthy foods as he gets older.I let my kids have sweets once in a while. We have popsicles in the freezer and my kids LOVE chocolate. But, they don't get that stuff more than a couple of times a week. My family gave me candy frequently when I was little and I developed a lifelong sugar addiction that was very hard to break. I give my kids treats but I want them to enjoy healthy foods more than they enjoy sweets.

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