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Caled dr this morning cause Bs bottom is just not healing. its so red from eatting all the big boy food so call to see if they could they could do anything to help and the nurse was concered when i tol dher he hadnt had a bottle in 2 months! SO EXCITED someone is! lol Well my little man is also sick =(

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dr tomorrow at 9! awesome!!! so excited now hopefully we can figure some stuff out! =)
Thats good, I hope you can find out whats wrong.. It sucks that hes sick theres nothing worse then a sick baby, good luck!!!
I was concerned also when I read that your baby hadn't had a bottle in 2 months! I know it's very important for them up until they are 1. (Unless you are breastfeeding) Well, good luck hope he drinks one soon.
They gave him some multivitamins(droper once a day) and he has eczema on his bottom and gave him some cream for it

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