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worried about my son

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Hi, I have an 8 year old boy. He has some learning dissability but other than that he is a happy 8 year old boy. But sometimes i get worried about the way he acts for his age. My fiance says its because he has been around women and we all smother him way to much specially because he is a boy. When it comes to playing he chooses to play with cars and likes to build things and read. But i get worried because at school he says not many boys play with him so he plays with girls instead, but at daycare he plays with boys. My fiance says that it isnt correct for a boy to say words like that baby is cute but like he says it like aw that baby is cute kind of way or like my son will cry over anything and tatle tales a lot sometimes and is delicate when it comes to playing as well, my fiance says that for a boy he shouldnt do that which i see nothing wrong with it. He isnt into sports and doesnt like to play rough, are these things normal. I tend to also do everything for him, but when he is with my fiance he doesnt need help or anything i dont know if he does it bc he thinks he should be one way but with me he feels like he can get away with more. Like the other day we went to visit a friend and she just has girls, so they were playing school but they didnt have a boy backpack so he put on a girl backpack but told me that to pretend that it was a boy backpack...maybe i am just being too worried because of society i dont know....

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I don't think there is anything wrong with your son. My step-son, who is five years old seems very similar. He likes cute things, like puppies and babies. He will say the same thing, "aw what a cutie, or that baby is cute." He will say the same thing about clothes. He will tell me that we look cute today. I think its because he is very attached to both me and his mother, and is closer to us than his dad. We both say things like that, so he is just saying what he hears all day. He also, acts differently around his dad like your son. I think it is because, like you, me and his mother treat him more like a baby, than his dad. My boyfriend says the same thing as your fiance. But I wouldn't be worried. I think that if you start worrying about it, and making it obvious to him that you think he is acting different or not normal, then it will become a problem. When he starts pretending to be a girl or wanting to wear girl clothes, then I would start worrying. But for now, just let him be himself.
i dont think theres anything wrong with him either.u cant change the way he is.if he likes to play w.girls more or doesnt like to play rough thats a personal choice..ur fiance is apparently set in his ways(as are many men) and prbably believes a boy should act more manly..even tough hes only 8..the way ur son is acting seems to me like thats his "normal" ya know? let him be who he is..but i would try not to baby him..if hes independant with ur fiance then he should act like that with u also.and as far as getting worried if he starts to wear girl clothes etc. i would NOT worry..a child is going to act/be who he/she matter whats on the outside
I don't think there is anything wrong with him either. But the parents dictate a lot about what kind of environment the child has to interact with. So, if a male only has the opportunity to socialize with females. Guess what..he is going to be socialized by females..duh. Doesn't make him gay, but it will have an effect. He already is "different" socializing around men, but it is the parent that gives him that opportunity or not.

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