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Worried Mom-to-be (again) I hope?

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This story is an odd one but one I have been tracking... I went to my doctor and I think even he "threw out" all I had documented and noted. Now in May 2011 I was two weeks late... freaked I took about 14 pregnancy test all that said negative I did this until I got my period. Now In June i was not feeling right... I was two days late after day one of being late I took a pregnancy test and it was faint positive and I decided to wait a week and do it again if I had not got my period. Well I did. This period was weird. It wasn't heavy now mine never are bad but heavy enough this was nto the same. I was having odd cramps and then a short period over. So upon it being over i was getting brown discharge (I normally get after my period) this was different it was brown then light pink to the point i thought Uhoh period came back. I then noticed I was getting blood clots about the size of a dime to quarter... I noted this oddness and called my OBGYN as to be seen. I made it clear I wanted this baby and we were trying. I told him all the dates and times of all this oddness. He did a pap said I am fine threw it out and said if you miss your period in July call me. Well I was still sick, I was sore (breasts, and cramps), moody as heck, and what i thought were signs of being pregnant. I talked to some friends as my first pregnancy I only knew based on a test. My friend said heck just do one don't wait until you miss your period you'll do nuts (they know me, lol). So I did and it came out postitive quick. I was thrilled and know the BF was too when I told him!! he didn't say it but that is not his personality... I was thinking names, doc appts, and even how to tell my four year old and his family... just all the good stuff. Not that I was still spotting and clotting. That night after getting upset with my puppy I started clotting and bleeding... I did not come close to soaking a pad (no drop on one) but blood when I peed. I freaked!! I am still freaking I attempted the ER and upon calling they said call you doc and find out what he wants... so I did and I am going tomorrow. I am so scared!! I cannot do a miscarriage I don't know if I have even had one yet and morning and just depressed. I have no signs that I did two weeks ago... I even took another test this morning and it was faint faint positive so I fear I am going through the loss now. Please someone out there... calm me! I did drink before I knew... once I found out I switched from a womens one a day MV to pregnancy MV... I want this and so scared and the crying is never ending... and the research I am going mad. I feel sorry for my son as I cannot and willnot tell a four year old, and feel for my BF as he is dealign with this too and I am not pleasant to be around. Oh so need to know if what is happening is normal (bleeding, spotting, clots, cramps and deminished pregnancy signs for the last two plus weeks)? Oh and how far a long would I be 7 weeks or less? (doc could tell me stuff but need calming) help advise needed, ANP

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With my current one I bleed for weeks but only after I peed. If you are pregnant, don't worry too much about faint blood loss. It is the heavy stuff that usually signals a problem.
The spotting is okay, but you are stressing out way too much. Based on the length of your post, you are going bananas, but breathe. Relax, stress induces the cramps, and the spotting.If you are 7 weeks along the hcg level decreases bc progesterone increases so the test may be faint (I did my hw same boat). The part where you said you will not tell your 4 year old and you are not pleasant to be around - you dont want to traumatize your bf and your child. You are a mom so you have a big job of running your household, try not to be depressed, smile and relax, otherwise you will be driving yourself up the wall. I know its hard, Im sure. But you are FINE. It's ok. But change your doc, because he/she should have done a blood test. When you go in to take the test, remember to relax. Keep us posted. 

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