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Would you let your teenage daughter sleep over at her girlfriend house

6 answers
If your tenage daughter is a lesbian and she askes to sleep over at her girlfriends house would you say yes or no?

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I'd say no.
Maybe.  I would talk to the girlfriend's parents.  If she is not out of the closet to them, absolutely not.  But if they have an open relationship with their daughter and are comfortable with it, and they understand what the two spending the night together could mean (and my daughter and I were comfortable enough to discuss these sorts of things as well, and she knows how to be cautious and safe in her decisions), then as long as it's a supervised environment with parents in the house...  I might say yes.That being said, I feel similarly with straight / same-sex teenage couples.  Well, older teenagers, in both cases.  Like....16+.  If both sets of parents are comfortable, on the same page, and have an open relationship with their children.... I would rather have a relationship with my child where I can feel comfortable that they are being safe and cautious than running around making bad decisions on their own because they don't want to tell me.
thank you skyespade and kimmieapples.but there is one problem my mom is against what i am so only my step dad knows so how do i ask him to sleep over at my gfs hows if my gf aint out of the closet?
If you go against your mother's wishes, chances are see will become highly mad which will cause you more problems with her later on. I'd say give your mom more time to come to terms with what you are and just hang there only until your curfew. You could always chat online after curfew. And remember, sexting is bad in any form.
thanks to alll of you except kari dickerson and letsshopyou guys were no help at all
Yes.  We have got to trust our kids,  no matter what their sexual identity.  Just keep talking

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