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a year and a half please someone help advice needed

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My boyfriend whom is 24 and I which is 19 have been trying to concieve with actually trying since august 2011 we've been trying with out trying in other words saying if it happens it'll happen for a year and a half we want to get pregnant before he gets deployed in february this month (october 2011) is the only month were trying on our own without seening a specialist only because we tracked my fertility we had sex twice saturday once or twice sunday and once monday it is now tuesday now i was suppose to ovulate yesturday what are the chances that it worked? We worked it with every sex position possible he got it up in there deeply and i stayed laying down for about 20-30minutes.. Sorry for the details. Anyone have any advice please let me know asap?

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The only way to know is to wait unti lyour next expected period and to take a pregnancy test.If you aren't pregnant, I would wait. You and your boyfriend are both young and you honestly don't need the stress of him being deployed being added to the stress of going through a pregnancy alone. And, not to be old fashioned about this, but you should really think about getting married before you have kids. You need plenty of time to enjoy each other as a married couple before you worry about having kids. You should be able to go on vacations together, to go out whenever you want, etc. because once you have a baby all that stops. My husband and I didn't get that time with each other and while we wouldn't trade our kids for anything in the world, we'd love to be able to go out once in while without them. Military relationships can be difficult enough as it is. (I married a Marine.) If your boyfriend is going to war he needs to be able to focus on his job, he shouldn't be worrying about whether or not he'll ever meet his child. And you don't need to go through pregnancy, which is worrisome and hormonal no matter what, worrying about whether or not he'll be coming home.
hes not going to war hes going to kwuait hes safe there and we are getting married next year, i wont be going through my pregnancy alone im going to be living with my family and his family lives right down the road from us so its not i'd be alone and we have already talked about this with each other because those did come up but its what we want age is just a number we do not party we have plenty, plenty of money we do not smoke we have a beautiful home we never go anywhere together unless its to the movies once a month if that we are adults and living the life already that other parents have we are ready to have kids so please if you support this you may post but if youre just going to try and talk us out of it and try and say something to think it'll change our minds its not going to and it'd be pointless to even comment and were not thinking twice about this, i had to grow up when i was 7 i didnt have a childhood and he lost his father and never had a childhood either we want to give our kids the best and give them what we could of never had which is a wonderful life so please dont say we have to wait because we dont and were not going to!
Obviously, you can do whatever you want. I'm just telling you things from my experience. Maturing at a young age does not prepare you for married life or children. I had to raise myself from the time I was 5 because my single mom was always in school and/or working. At 6 years old I thought I would be a better mother than the one I had. I had my first baby at 25 annd it was incredibly overwhelming, even with friends and family around. The big thing you should both consider is how much you want your boyfriend to be a part of your pregnancy. There is so much that happens during pregnancy it's wonderful for your baby's father to experience it right along with you. If he's gone he can still see ultrasound pictures but he won't be able to feel your baby kick, he won't be able to talk to your baby and experience your baby's reactions in the womb, and he may not be there for the birth, which is really a big deal.You also have to think about the fact that the military doesn't always tell the truth about where people are being deployed. My husband thought he was going to Australia for training when they sent his unit to Iraq instead. The plans at this moment may be for your boyfriend to "just" go to Kuwait but that could change at any moment without any notice. He could be sent to Iraq, which is still a very dangerous place. Or, he could go to Afghanistan. He doesn't know and you don't either.Also, not to be rude, but you should learn how to use proper punctuation if you want anyone to take you seriously as an adult.
Sug if its not GOD will, u can try all the position there is, nothing will happen, base on your answer i see that u very inmature for your age, a smart 19 yrs old would want to listen to advice from some1 who been there....cause boyfriend is deploying nothing says that his not going to meet someone else while his away. Want to get pregnant cause his leaving is a damn idea, atleast get married first so u can get the benefits.
I think that you should wait until your boyfriend is back, just because he should be involved with the pregnancy. It is such an amazing experience and it's such a bonding time for the two of you. My boyfriend went to all the doctors appointments and was there to feel the baby move and though we have been together for 14 yers and have always been close. The pregnancy made us even closer. He should get to watch you grow each week and be there for all the pregnancy stuff. What if he can't get home in time to be there for the birth? Every father should be there for that special day. It might not be the answer you wanted but I think that he should be there for the pregnancy. Good luck with whatever you choose. 
It is all in God's timing.  Our first child was concieved from fooling around, and our second took 2 1/2 years of active trying to be concieved. I do believe that only the Lord knows when we are ready.That being said, an herb called Honeybush seemed to coordinate with my second pregnancy.  It is usually made as a tea and is a natural expectorant.  I was told it would thicken the mucus, making it easier for the sperm to swim to the egg.  I can actually feel when I ovulate, so I drank it all day on the day I ovulated, and then I got pregnant.  While I cannot say for certain it helped, it does coordinate.  Teavana has a delicious version called Honeybush Vanilla.  They have a website, though I believe there are a number of stores, too.I wish you the best of luck.  It will be hard, but it sounds like you have already weighed the pros and cons of the situation.  I did it alone for 3 months while my husband (then fiance') finished college.  Family support is the key, and it sounds like you have it.  God Bless.

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