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You can still have periods when pregnant right?

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Because my sweetie and I have been trying and no luck (as in another question I have asked.) but my periods are usually six to seven days now and for a few months have been three to four days long and a dark brown color to a light pink color. It's heavy for a day and the rest are fairly light. Any help? Thanks! xxoo

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it's very rare for women to continue to have a period during pregnancy, but it does happen. you need to contact your doctor if you suspect pregnacy.
I had implantation bleeding. I'm not regular(36-42 days) but it was a light, light bleeding and it was over in three days. it was brownish and I thought, what the heck but I wasn't about to complain because heavy periods are for the birds. Anyways, a week later I was like, hold on a minute...and I took a pregnancy test, which was negative. Then the next week(I was about 5 weeks pregnant at this point) I took another test and it was positive. But if this has been going on for a few months call your doc and see if you can get a blood pregnancy test. 
My mother and god mother both had periods with all of their children. It is like a period because you do bleed, whether the color is red or light brown. It just does not last as long as a period. That is why you should contact your physician to take an accurate test because it is definitely possible to have light bleeding during pregnany with some people.

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