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Young and dont know

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I am 14 yrs old &am finishing middle school. My boyfriend and I did "it" a little over 2wks ago. There is a big chance that I could be pregnant. I have been having symptoms including fatigue, back pain, extreme thirst, headaches, nausea, dizziness, face breaking out, and food aversions (dairy products). I am not completely sure that I am pregnant but there is a major possibility. I have not and am not going to tell anyone in my family about any of this until I am 100% sure. I told my boyfriend that I could be pregnant and he said that even if I am, he will not leave me. He wants to be in our child's life if I'm pregnant. He's shown me how much he loves and cares for me, and I trust and love him completely. Him and I are both really scared and nervous. I would get a pregnancy test but how would that look? A 14 yr old girl walking into Walmart or the Dollar Store or somewhere and buying a pregnancy test? Please help. I need advice.

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You usually don't have symptoms until you are 1 month along so 2 weeks I don't think that you would have them. Even if you took a test it usually won't show up until you are a few days past your missed period. You and your boyfriend are too going to be having sex but if you must you need to use protection. You can go to your local health dept and get free condoms. You should talk to your parents as hard as that is and get on birth control. I had the talk with my mom at 15 years old and yes it was very uncomfortable for both of us but she would rather me be protected if I was going to be having sex, which she didn't like but I had been with my boyfriend for a year and she knew that telling us no wasn't going to stop us. Be smart and let this scare you and protect yourself. 
I agree with everything OliviasMom said. You're too young to be having sex. Even if you use protection you can still get pregnant. My mom got pregnant with me while she was on the pill, she was 17. (I could go into all the details about how hard both our lives were because she had me at such a young age, but it would be a very long story. Suffice it to say, it was not pleasant for either one of us.) I got pregnant with my first baby while I was on the pill as well. (Thankfully, I was 24.) A friend of mine got pregnant while she and her husband were using condoms. The only way to guarantee you will not get pregnant is to not have sex. If you're not ready to raise a baby, which you aren't, you should not be taking that risk.If you think you are pregnant you need to wait until your next expected period. If it doesn't come, take a pregnancy test. 
Thank u for ur help and advice :)
I greatly appreciate it :)
I greatly appreciate it :)
Im 16 and im going through the same thing but i had my period a week after i had unprotected sex... i dont know what to think at this moment and im scared to tell my parents because they will be very mad and probably kick me out.

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