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questions about weaning daughter..

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My daughter is 13 months and we are having trouble with weaning her from nursing. She doesnt like the taste of the milk much anymore because I am currently 19 weeks pregnant and the dr told us that changes the flavor of the milk. She still trys to nurse, which I will let her but then gets sooo upset because it doesnt taste like she wants it to and starts getting mad and hitting my chest and things. I dont know what to do to make it easier on her. She is now laying in her bedroom screaming because I finally just laid her down with a bottle of milk since she was getting so irritated by trying to nurse.. PLEASE HELP!!!

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The best thing to do is to stop letting her nurse. It's causing both you and her stress and your body really doesn't need to be working hard to make milk and grow a baby at the same time. Give her a bottle or cup with milk or formula and just be patient. She'll adjust.

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