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Really odd but have to ask...

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This is kind of long but I need some answers... First off... A little back ground... I'm 19 and this would totally be unplanned... Me and my ex boyfriend hung out and let things get ahead of where they should have been and ended up having unprotected sex, he pulled out, but said it was almost too late... Also, this was my first time having sex... I can't talk to this issue with anyone in my family because they would be very angry at me for making this choice. Second of all... I have many early signs of pregnancy, tender breasts, stomach aches (no vomiting), when I lay down to sleep I'm out within a few minutes (which isn't normal, I'm usually up until one or two in the morning, now I barely make it to 11 pm), lately some of my favorite things to eat (like roast beef) make me want to puke, going to the bathroom is more difficult (not peeing though...), and lastly, no period (although it's very irregular and I can skip up to three months, but from July to October, I noticed I started around the 6th of the month, and so far, nothing this month. I've bought tests and I've taken two, both came out negative, yet none of the signs have subsided (they've gotten worse), but then again, it's only been about 2 weeks since I did the deed... So.. Too early to tell? or am I just crazy?

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It would be too early to tell if it isn't time for you to miss your period. It sounds like how I feel when I'm pregnant. Do you want to be having a baby? I would definitely wait a couple of weeks and try testing again. Most people don't find out until they are about 6 weeks. I hope all turns out the way you want. Good luck sweetie! :)
Well.... Since this all happened, I met a man who is a father to two and who supports me no matter what, seems crazy I know.  I wouldn't say I exactly 'want' a baby, but I wouldn't object to it either. Thank you for giving me some peace of mind, I thought I was just going crazy.
Too early to tell. Before I found out I was pregnant, I missed two periods and all test would come back negative. One day, I had an extra and decided to take and it came back positive. Give it a few weeks and if you don't get your period, take another test. Try not to stress yourself either because I know stress can help delay periods as well. Good luck
Thanks for the help... got my period today so I'm good to go but thanks for the concern

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