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really scared please help!!

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when i wiped today i saw a bit of pink on the toilet paper ......ummm what is this and why is it happening to me???

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You are fine.  Women sometimes spot during pregnancy.  I wouldn't worry unless more shows up and it is getting darker. But to ease your mind call your ob docotors office and talk to a nurse about it.  If they feel it is anything but normal they will schedule you for an appointment right away. I am not sure how far along you are but in early pregnancy it could be because the sac the baby is in is attaching to the uterine wall.  But again call your ob doctors office it is always better to be safe.
I have spotted a few times during my pregnancy and a few times was because I had a bladder infection, which is not something to ignore while pregnant it can cause premature labor, and once after sex so I would suggest calling your dr and making an appt or talk to the nurse to make sure its nothing serious but most likely its nothing, spotting is pretty normal during pregnancy

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