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really uncomfortable...

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Tricks for going into labor???

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I've heard having sex can help, eating spicy far are you?
A dose of castor oil? Nipple stimilation? That is what I have heard may work.
37 weeks... i wanna wait til atleast the 11th lol if he will but really want him to come before the 16th lol... also after sex i get horriable back pain like really bad cramps normal?
Don't do castor oil. It can make you and baby sick. All you really need from the sex is the fluids, so if sex hurts you can do other things, and just make sure his fluids end up where they need to be in the end (ok, that sounds nasty, but you know what I mean). Also, walking for sure. Neither will work until baby is engaged though. Has your belly dropped yet?
It has from where it was...
Your doctor can tell you if the baby has dropped - you want him to be head down and putting a lot of pressure on your pelvic area.  Shooker, I don't think any tricks really work.  I tried absolutely everything to get baby #2 out when I was pregnant with him.  It was my due date and I walked and shopped for about 2 hours, stood on my feet and rocked from side to side, ate spicy mexican food, even fooled around with no luck.  It was 2 days past my due date before he came and yes I was effaced and dilated 4 cm for 3 weeks before his birth.  He came when he was good and ready.  Unless you induce, it's really up to baby and your body. 
aw man lol see with my job i need to be induced on his due date but the dr wont do that so i had to tell my boss if he comes a week late that ill have to take another week off which fine with me lol ... and his head is down and i feel a ton of pressure, dr said i was 1/2cm dilated ugh lol that was 3 weeks ago im hoping for improvement =)
I also don't think any of the tricks work. I tried just about everything in the world to get my little boy out but he was determined he would come when he wanted. I walked and walked and walked, I went mudding, I had sex, I cleaned. None of it worked at all except to make me miserable! I would say go for it if you want but try not to get your hopes up too much. I heard that the castor oil can work but only because it makes you so sick you start having contractions. I don't think I would want to go into labor that way. I hope you get the improvment you are looking for when you go back to the dr again. Good luck :)

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