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In regards to an epidural??+

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I know ive asked before....... my last pregnacy I had an epidural but i felt everything I mean like alot of pressure in the botton well felt everything how could I assure my self that if I decide to get it for this pregnacy it wont happen again am very scared of needles and giving birth again cause of the pain???????

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I felt pressure with my first too.  The pressure to push, the pressure of my little boy, but it didn't hurt me.  With my second I didn't have an epidural and felt pain as well as the pressure.  It felt (this is gross), but like I was trying to poop a brick.  It hurt so much worse and I'm not a wimp about pain.  I usually don't even take anything or complain about cramps, but this is worse than anything I had ever felt.  You know those women on tv that scream and the nurses have that terrified look on their face...I was one of those people and I couldn't control it!  I'm getting one again, because I'll take the pressure over the tremendous pain anyday.  There are some women on here that don't believe in them or don't get them and have wonderful births...I guess that's what makes us all different!
I have had an epidural with 2 of my 3 kids and I've never had it take like how you're explaining. I hope if you decide to get one again that they go as well as mine have. Mine I couldn't feel any pressure or pain at all. I didn't even know I still had legs until I looked lol. I personally want to try and go completely natural this time and see how it works but I also know if it gets too bad that I'll take the epidural. I hope all goes well for you and you have a wonderful birth experience! Good luck :)
@mommyofzoo ty so much am just going to ask and let them know that i really dont want to go thru that experience again ty again and hope you have a wonderful birth as well! : )

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