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Roller Coasters? Is it safe to get on them while 7 wks pregnant?

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I don't think it is, but just wanted to double check....

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In reality, you MIGHT be fine, but I think they have signs posted for liability reasons.  If you ask a doctor, they will most likely tell you no.
If its rough then I say or suggest no. But if its dinky then I say have fun while you can. Once you get to big you'll definately want to bow out of roller coaster rides.
While pregnant it is ill adviced to get on any roller coasters or other rides like that.  There is a big risk of losing the baby.  They have signs posted on all rides that you shouldn't get on them while pregnant.  It doesn't even matter if you are just a few weeks pregnant.  If I was you I would stay clear of those rides.  You also can't go down water slides at water parks.  So please don't go on any rides, because you will just end up losing your baby.  There have been many cases of women losing their babies after being on roller coasters.  I suggest that you look all of this up and you will see.
I would say no on the roller coaster. They have those signs saying not to go on this ride if you are..and it has a list pregnant is usually on it. But if you want to really be sure I would suggest asking your doctor if it was okay.
Thank You Ladies so much for your answers, they were so helpful.  I was kinda thinking roller coasters would be a bad idea, so a little assurance is great.

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