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my partner and i are 11 weeks pregnant and we dont have sex very often and well today i saw that hes looking up porn while im at work makes me so sad to know that im not pleasing him enough before we got pregnant we used to have sex like crazy and now nothing this is tearing me apart keep my mind thinking is he cheating on me help going crazy what can i do to spark our sexual life again before its too late???

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I don't know what to tell you about spicing it up but when i first got pregnant my partner was afraid to have sex with me because he was worried about hurting the baby. Maybe you should try talking to him about it and see if there is something like that behind it. If that is the reason tell him to look it up or take him to your ob with you and let the doctor explain it. Even if that isn't the reason it wouldn't hurt to talk to him and find out what the problem is.
Try telling him that it's good for the baby for you'll to have sex and then try to do somethings that you used to do to get him in the mood.  If that does not work try talking to him.
Sorry to hear your dilemma at such a time when you and your partner should be the closest.  But I agree with the first answwer  you should discuss it with him and maybe suggest taking him with you to one of your ob-gyn appts.  Men sometimes can be funny about having intimacy with a pregnant woman but explain to him that it can be a very beautiful and loving experience for the both of you. Remember open communication with your spouse is always  your best option.  Good luck
Pornography is also an addiction.  If it is something he hasn't looked into before be sure that you work it out now before he becomes addicted. Talk to him about it and let him know how it makes you feel to know that you aren't satisfying him.  That kind of an addiction can really drive you apart so let him know that it's not just about you but your relationship and your baby on the way.

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