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Secrets...don't tell them!

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Not a question, just a piece of advice for all moms. Don't tell secrets! Teach your kids to tell whispers and have surprises. If you start them from the beginning knowing that "secrets" aren't something you do in your family then when someone asks them to keep one they will know it could be a red flag for something bad. If you want to privately tell your boy or girl something say let me tell you a whisper. They know it will be in their ear and meant for them only to hear. Birthdays, holidays and spontaneous visits to your family, an amusement park or a vacation can be surprises or as in our family "super-prises". This way there's no confusion on if a secret can be a good thing or a bad thing. As a child of abuse, secrets to me are the worst things you can teach your kids. Find another word that works for your family, so they know when people they should trust ask them to keep a secret from Mommy & Daddy they know it's wrong! Just a piece of unsolicited advice. Happy Parenting! :)

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I agree, secrets can be dangerous for children. However, more than not using the word secret, simply fostering open communication with your children is better. Always talk to your kids, ask them questions about what happened during the day and always listen to their concerns. If they know they can trust you to listen and believe them they will be comfortable coming to you with problems.

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