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Is sex ok

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Im 5 weeks prego and I want to know if its true that sex is ok through out pregnancy and or at what stage should we stop.

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Sex is absolutely safe through the whole pregnancy and can even be better due to increased blood flow. The only time you will have to stop is if the dr tells you to. Some cramping and a little spoting are normal after sex but anything more than that is cause for concern.
I have to agree with mommyofzoo.. sex is safe the whole time during pregnancy unless you are specifically told not to have it by your dr.. I have experienced the cramping afterwards and that worried me but we were told that that is normal as well.. enjoy sometimes the best sex you have is when you are pregnant and once the baby gets here it could be awhile before you get to enjoy sex or anytime to yourself at all =) good luck
Sex is safe unless your doctor puts you on "pelvic rest" or tells you not to have sex.  It may be uncomfortable off and on through out and your sex drive may come and go.  Do what feels comfortable and listen to your body, you'll know what you do and don't want to do . 

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