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Sharing a room with the baby

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My Fiance and I are going to be sharing our room with the baby when it's born in 3 months,but with the crib and our bed,and his office stuff the bedroom is so cluttered already! we dont have room for a dresser for the I'm thinking shelves with wicker baskets sitting on them.. {side note: we're living with my parents so we dont really have any other options} any tips for getting the most out of the space we have?

answers (3)

I'm not sure if you have closets or not and if you have any thing stored in the floor of them but you could buy those plastic dressers at Wal-Mart. They don't cost much and only have 3 drawers. They work perfect in a closet. The selves with baskets is a great idea also. Good luck.
I would suggest not using a crib right away.. a bassinett takes up alot less room and up until about 6 months its plenty big enough for the baby. We are having a bassinett in our room for our baby due in december and will have a crib set up in the babys room for him but since his big sister will be in that room as well I dont really plan on using it in the beginning.. just an idea =)
I know theres plenty of people that don't like the idea, but we did the "family bed" for quite awhile. We had a crib, but I just loved having her snuggled up to me all night. Just a thought:)

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