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sharp pain in lower stomach right above pubic bone??

3 answers
ok so when I move around and do things today just simple things like getting up out of a chair I get this sharp pain in my lower stomach right above the pubic bone.. thats the onyl way I really know how to explain it.. it doesnt last long but is bothering me.. I am 28 weeks along.. Im not bleeding or anything else like that so I dont know if its normal and just stretching and stuff like early on in pregnancy.. I have had alot of pressure when I go to go pee and stuff like that too is that a normal thing as well.. every pregnancy seems to be soo much different when I was pregnant with my daughter I dont remember any of this...thanks for the help!!

answers (3)

stretch pains are so much stronger during pregnancy the second time around. And at 28 weeks your baby is definantely pickin up some weight and this could be the month when you gain the bulk of your prgnancy weight to that could be the pressure when you use the restroom. you know how you have that one month when you gain 8 pounds instead of three lol. Also when you stand up it is an instant strain on the uterus so maybe try to stand up slower so that it isnt so intense. But think of how amazing it is that God made our bodies just right to carry and grow a baby inside of us and unfortunatly some pain does come along with it :-)
It definitely sounds like stetching pains to me. I'm only 14 weeks but I'm having alot of these pains, too. I've noticed it's really bad when I try to stand up also. So, I scoot my butt to the very edge of the couch before I try to get up and this helps ALOT! I sound and look alot farther along when I do this but whatever helps relieve this pain is worth it to me. I hope things get better for you. And keep in mind you don't have much longer. Good luck sweetie. :)
im having pain in my right lower stoamch and with that im having pain where my pubic hair area is.. and is like a sharp twingle pain. it happens every other long mins. and im wondering  what it could be any answers? thank youu i would really need your advice..(:

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