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sharp pains??

2 answers
I am 19 weeks pregnant with my second baby..and over the past few days I have been getting sharp pains when I move around in my lower stomach and my vagina area.. are these normal?? I really dont remember having them with my first pregnancy but there is not spotting or anything so I am not sure what to think... any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

answers (2)

It is probally just your muscles stretching, I had them with my third child but not my first, second, fourth, and so far not with this baby ( 16 weeks). When I moved it was so painful but not when I was still. I would say call your Midwife or Dr to be sure.
ok thanks. We go in on wednesday for an appt and ultrasound and I am going to ask her about it then.. just worried me since it was something that I never experienced with my daughter.. Thanks so much and good luck with your pregnancy! =)

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