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To shave or not to shave???

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HaHA okay so i was wondering..when the day comes.. is it better to shave the gate (haha) or let it be ajungle? if you think about's there for a reason right?

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If you're that far along and able to shave down there at all, you're doing better than me!  =)  I gave up when I could no longer see what I was doing.But really, I don't think it matters.  They used to shave women in the hospital, but now they don't.  And I don't think you're supposed to shave immediately beforehand, since if you leave little nicks in the skin, it can leave you open to infection (although I wouldn't think the risk would be very high).
ok I agree if you can still shave down there I am impressed lol.. I had to give it up when I couldnt see to do it anymore as well.. I think its a personal thing really though.. it would be whatever makes you most comfortable.. I couldnt handle having a jungle down there so this time around I invested in a electric razor and I use it to "trim". This was my way of kind of meeting in the middle... with our first child my boyfriend offered to try to help me shave if I wanted since he knew it bothered me but really that seems a little too personal for my comfort lol.. good luck and hope you have a great delivery either way
I love this question!  It is HOT outside and inside my pants lol When I feel 'over grown'  I groom.  It is a challenge but I would recommend buying an electric razor and then imagine the scene in the movie "American Wedding'  where he has one foot up on the counter, and looking in the mirror :-D  You could also consider a Nair or Veet type of a cream ... make sure you clear the chemicals with your doctor. In regards to "my boyfriend offered to try to help me shave if I wanted" If he offers, let him DO IT!  It actually may lead to a 'fun time'.  My husband helped me once and it was worth the initial feelings of embarrassment ;-)Good luck!
I am on my third prenancy and I have been through this a couple of times.  As long as I can see "it" I handle it myself, however when the time comes I call in reinforcements.  My first pregnancy I had my husband "help". When I was pregnant with my second I had it waxed.  As far as shaving the "gate" for delivery, it depends on how you deliver.  If you have a natural birth its whatever you are comfy with.  If you have a C-section they will shave you if its not already done.  My sister in law had to have an emergency section and she said that they are not very gentle about "handling" it for you.  
I'd avoid hair removal creams - the active ingredient is usually lye, which is caustic and icky.  Your doc would probably say it's a 'class B' drug - and all that means is there isn't sufficient information to know whether or not it's safe (i.e. there have been no definitive studies, so people assume a 'small risk' when using it while pregnant).
My sister-in-law had a c-section and she said that having the male technitions shave her was incredibly awkward.  If you are having a scheduled c-section it's certainly something to consider.  If it's just a comfort thing, I agree the the electric is the most convenient. You don't really have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself and nothing is worse than razor burn down there... ugh...
I am due in 7 days and personally i cant see below the belly button so i say let it go they are drs and they have seen it all..
Thanks for the advice! Im noot that far at all..11 weeks actually but i was just wondering..good luck to everyone!!!

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