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I am 23 weeks and its starting to get a little undoable and just wondering how other girls do it? If i dont shaving I feel gross and nasty any suggestions?

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well you can shave
I was totally grossed out about not being able to shave at first but then I realized that it's nothing anyone hasn't seen before and I'll make it just fine. I'm 39 weeks and can't wait to have this little one so I can take care of myself again ;)
You may just have to go with an electric razor for the time being. It won't give you the same results but at least you can keep things tame.
Thanks.. =)
I just take a bath (not too warm of course) and as I am sitting there I just do a quick shave.
My husband will run me a warm bath and he offers to shave my legs ;) 31 weeks and counting!
if you are referring to certain areas I do my legs as I am soaking in the bathtub but for other "regions" I have invested in an electric razor and just trim.. not the same as shaving but it is better to me then nothing.. =)
Thanks everyone for the tips! =)
I'm having the same problem although my man said he would it just doesn't feel right to me so i'm going to get a wax i mean i got to do what i got to do right lol pain is beauty ;)
ROFL.  My husband likes my hairy legs.  The last time I shaved was 3 months ago because my wedding dress was knee length.  I'm 8 weeks pregnant and at my first doctors visit I warned him that I'm growing my own wool.  You could always have your man shave for you if it's that big of a deal to you.  Seriously, my husband runs his fingers through it.  He's so cute.


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