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Shortness of breath...

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Will b 27 weeks 2moro... I hve heard many of u ask bout not bein able 2 breath or feel baby move as much, n alot of answers been "b.cuz baby is movin up on lungs n baby not havin much space 2 move!!! I understand it but im a lil confused!!! Bein dat im only 27weeks is that stl far along enough 2 feel lik this!? I have alot of times wen i can barely breath n it doesnt make it n e better cuz i hve asthma... Da thng im a lil lost bout is cuz i dnt feel my baby up high, i stl feel her in the lower ab n pelvic area!! Do i really not have 2 feel her up high 2 b gettn short of breat!? Even lookn at me its lik im hold her very low! Isnt it true dat boys r mostly held low!? Im stl questioning if drs were rite bout me havin a girl! I was only 18weeks wen they told me(gettn off track now, sry)... But bak 2 wat im feelin, i dnt feel hr very much, jus wen im hungry or bout ta go 2 sleep!!! Normal!? {sorry so long}

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i get outta breath to..just cuz u feel her low doesnt mean ur not gunna get outta breath , ur uterus and everything is still getting larger pushing everything up and back..if u get outta breath alot  try not to do to much or ask ur doc what to 24 wks and get outta breath alot too..and as long as u feel her move, dont worry about what time shes moving at because the baby is/has developed its own sleep pattern now.

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