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Should I ???

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I was thinking on going to the dentist for a cleaning, but i'm a little concerned about it because of the anesthesia and all those quemicals and stuff they have in there, i know they don't put that much anestesia but i don't think i'll be able to stand the pain instead... I'm 17 wks... should i wait until birth? Any advices are really appreciated. Thanks!

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You should definitely go for routine cleanings while pregnant.  Tell our dentist that you are pregnant.  You may want to avoid x-rays. A routine cleaning should not require any anesthesia or other drugs. 
Yes, just let them know you are pregnant and they will take every precaution they can. Pregnancy can cause all sorts of oral complications and regular cleanings are very important during pregnancy and are recommended.
My doctor encouraged dental visits. She said make sure you aren't given any gas and they can do special x-rays because you're pregnant. Just be sure to let them know and if it's anything you are nervous about then you don't have to have it done until you talk to your doctor.
Yea yu should go to the dentist. Im 20 weeks and i went about a week ago and Once you tell them you are pregnant, they will know what to do and what not to do to you. Trust me. They wont do anything to harm you or your baby. Most likely, you'll jus get a cleaning and they will let you know of any problems or anything you need to take care off, after your pregnancy!

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