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should i be concerned if i stand up and get dizzy or light headed

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This has been a common problem for me throughout my pregnancy.  My OB isn't concerned, it has something to do with the shift in balance of my body or something wierd like that.  He said when I get up in the morning, sit on the side of the bed for several minutes until the dizziness goes away.  If I am going from a sitting to standing position, go slow, and hold on to something until the dizziness subsides. As always, if it is a concern for your OB.  That is what they are there for! :)
Did this used to happen before pregnancy? It could be due to our balancing act like the previous post said or because of the additional blood running through our system and the demands baby has on us. However, being a woman who had toxemia with both full term pregnancies I want to ask if your blood pressure has been increasing. For ME, my dr. always said to watch for dizziness because of my climbing blood pressure and such. Maybe just go in to have your blood pressure taken (it is important to know what your baseline is while not pregnant). Cross that concern off your list and I am sure it is nothing to be worried about. Don't forget, our bodies are working as hard as a mountain climber ascending a cliff. But do get you blood pressure taken K?  :)

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