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Should i be concerned? Spot on baby's heart.

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6 weeks ago at my first ultra-sound, the doctor told me there was a calcium build-up on my little girl's heart. I think she said it was called 'Echogenic Focus'. She basically told me that it was a muscle on the heart that was glowing. Then she told me that it was also a soft-marker for down-syndrome. :( All of my test came back negative for down-syndrome, but she still told me that there is a chance that my little one could still be born with it. So after crying and worrying, i went to see my ob/gyn and he told me that it was nothing to worry about and that it should go away by the time i had my next ultra-sound. After hearing that i stopped worrying. Well, this past Thursday i had the other ultra-sound, expecting everything to be fine with my baby. Turns out, the spot was still there and the only thing the ultra-sound doctor told me was "well, we'll see when the baby is born." Are you serious?? Should i be concerned? i've done nothing but cry and worry since the ultra-sound. Is there anything i should be doing that i'm not? or is there something i shouldn't be doing? Down-syndrome doesn't run in my family or my fiance's so i don't understand how is could be possible for my little girl to be born with it. The doctor said that 4-7% of healthy babies are born with echogenic focus, does that mean that there is a 90-something % chance my baby could have down-syndrome? The doctor really didn't give me much of an answer, so any kind of insight would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm worred sick :(

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Oh honey!  I don't know what to tell you.  I have no experience with this at all.  I didn't think down syndrome was genetic though, I thought it was a roll of the dice and how the dna fell together.  I could be very wrong on that one, but I always thought it was just one of those things that happened with the dna fell in a certain order and that's why you see a down syndrome child when there are other children in the family who don't have it.  There was an article in Parents magazine not too long ago about a woman who had her first girl without any complications and her second was born with down syndrome.  It's all about her struggles to deal with it...very eye opening.  I think she even has a book out and it was an excerpt from it.  The only thing I know to say is pray!  Not pray to change your child, but pray for acceptance of this child no matter her challenges, pray for unconditional love of this little girl from your family, friends and your community.  Pray for the health of your child, that even if she is born with down syndrome that other than that she's completely healthy.  And start doing research, maybe finding a support group of other new mothers going through this.  I don't know what to say other than I'm sending up a prayer for your strength, courage and for your doctors that they can find answers to your questions. 
If they did follow up tests for downs that came back negative, that is a good sign! Sometimes there is nothing a doctor can do without seeing the baby. They don't want you to get your hopes up, which is why they try to sound so neutral. Ask if there is any additional testing they can do.
I am so sorry sweetie! I don't personally have experience with this but my sister had a son born with down syndrome. I know it is very hard to hear that the possibility is there but God never gives us what we can't handle. Maybe she is fine maybe she is not but God made her perfect in His sight and thats what matters. I have no doubt that you will love your daughter unconditionally no matter how it turns out. I will be praying with lissiemel for the health and safety of you and your baby. Prayer is a powerful thing! Have faith and believe that your baby will be perfect the way she is no matter what they see or say to you. I know it will be hard but try anyways. And praise God for this perfect little angel He has made in his image. I guarantee you that you will feel so much better and the situation won't seem so bad. Just remember that they are not positive, science is not a guarantee, she could be just fine. I hope this helps you and I hope your baby will be just fine. Good luck :)

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