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should I be this tired at 22 weeks

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At about 2:30- 5:00 the last few days I feel exhausted. should I be concerned about my sugar levels?

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I'm 23 weeks and absolutely exhausted come about the same time of day too.  I'm not worried about my sugars too much.  I attribute mine to the fact that I have a 3 yr old, a 5 yr old and work full time.  I've notice if I go to sleep earlier so I can catch some extra zzzzz's then I don't feel as tired by the end of the day...still tired, but a more normal amount.  Try looking at everything else you are doing right now and see if there are other things contributing to your exhaustion and maybe try catching an extra hour of sleep if you can.  Good luck!  :)
I am about 29 weeks and have been very exhausted (at the same time you are) from the beginnig  even though I have no other kids (except a dog)  and not an overly busy job but my doctor did not seem overly concerned when I brought it up. Maybe bring it up at your next appointment and see, and at 28 week or so they will test you for gestational diabetes but if you are too concerned you should mention something at your next appointment. Hope this helps you and good luck!!
I agree with both ladies. Being exhausted is one of the prices we pay to get these beautiful babies. I also get tired around the same time! I think it is hilarious. That must be prego nap time or something lol. I wouldn't worry about it but I would mention it to the dr when you go back. Good luck! :)
It might not be your sugar levels at all. Although best to ask your obgyn for advice. I am 23 weeks and take a nap a day from just the exhaustion of being pregnant taking on the extra weight so fast just carrying the baby will make you tired.. get your rest though never try to fight through it.
I am exhausted but mainly because I can not sleep through the night. I have to get up and use the bathroom at least twice through the night and my back aches often. Also I am not used to sleeping on my side and the dreams. All that combined by the time I get home from work I am exhausted. I try to exercise on these days because I know that I will sleep better.

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