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Should I be worried?

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My hubby and I went to the Dr. yesterday. I am 33 weeks and 2 days today. The baby is a little over 5 lbs. and is breech. My cervix is also 2.5 and I'm supposed to take it easy til my next visit. If baby is not turned we will discuss C-section options. I have been experiencing back pain (before I was PG I was 102 lbs. and now 128 lbs.) which I understand is normal but it is hard to sleep and of course going to the bathroom every hour at night. I use pillows to support my tummy and and my back and it still hurts. If I experience any heavy contractions I'm supposed to contact right away. Should I be worried? Will labor be here soon? Also this is our first baby. :) Thanks!

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If your doctor wasn't worried, then you shouldn't be either. That doesn't mean don't be vigilant and pay attention to the doc's instructions to take it easy though. Definitely rest and drink lots of water.Unfortunately back pain seems to be a common ailment of pregnant women. Yoga and positioning yourself on all fours might help alleviate some of your back pain (avoid squats though since your little one is breech, no need to encourage it further down). I'm carrying my second baby transverse (sideways) and it is much more uncomfortable than my first who was head down. So that might be contributing to your back discomfort. I think babies cause less discomfort when they are head down.As far your as baby being breech--have you looked at the website called There are suggestions for encouraging a baby to get head-down. Also many OBs will try to do an external version around 37-38 weeks to move baby head-down before opting for a c-section.Did the doctor give you a handout on things to do to avoid pre-term labor? I had to go to the hospital at 24 weeks because I'd had 8+ contractions an hour for 5 hours. They gave me a list of activities to avoid and things to do to help prevent early delivery. (Things like, keep your bladder empty, drink 8-10 glasses of non-caffeinated fluids, preferably water a day, don't lie on your back, stay off feet as much as possible, and no sex or stimulation of nipples)No one, not even your doctor knows when your labor will start, despite their experience. With my first pregnancy I had a show on a Friday morning but no labor, and was told by my doc that I'd probably be back that night. I didn't have my son until the following Tuesday night. It was a very long weekend.I've known several girlfriends who were 1-3 cm dilated 4-6 weeks before delivery. At 33 weeks your baby has great chances outside the womb. Just relax, enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy and take good care of yourself.
Oh I forgot, if you are really worried and won't be able to sleep well, you can ask if your doctor will run a fetal fibronectin test. They take a small scraping from your cervix (like a pap) and look for cells that indicate labor within the next two weeks. It's actually better for predicting NOT going in to labor. But it might give you some peace of mind.
I was 2.5 with my first son for over 2 weeks before I was enduced 2 weeks early.  I had high blood pressure due to being nervous with my first...was I prepared, when would it happen, how, would it hurt?  I was trying to be calm, but I was excited and nervous all at the same time.  With my second I started dialating 4 weeks before he actually came.  I walked around and went to work at 4cm dialated for 2 weeks before he actually came (2 days past his due date). Be prepared.  Have your bags packed and ready, but try to stay calm because really it's best for you and your baby.  They come when they are ready, I learned that the hard way with #2. You will know true contractions when you feel them.  They are different than normal aches, like a rubber band tightening around your entire lower waist - back and tummy at the same time. Because you are already dialating if you go into labor, don't wait too long to go to the hospital.  Contact your doctor right away.  By the time I got in a bed only 30 minutes after getting into the hospital, I was a 10 and ready to push. Everyone is different and the best thing to do is have a plan, talk to your doctor, be prepared things may not go as you planned and enjoy it.  My sis in law swears by c sections - she's had 2 and wouldn't do it any other way.  I've haven't had a c-section and don't choose to unless it's medically necessary.  With my boys, I had one with drugs (highly recommend - LOL!) and one completely natural (not as peaceful as some mom's make it sound - at least for me it wasn't).  Either way a baby is coming into this world!  Best of luck!
if you dont remeber having a rash then you probably didnt have one..cause when ur prego u (and i) are very worried about alot so i think you would sure everythings fine
Your baby is fine! My sister had a form of MRSA when she was pregnant. When she delivered she was affraid if the baby touched it she would get it since it was on her arm so it was makin it difficult to breastfeed. The doctor said that because she had it when she was pregnant that the baby was most likely immuned to it and she came in contact and never got it so no worries

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