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Should I take my baby to work with me?

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I wok at a storage facility. My house is connected to the office tho I have to go outside to get from one to the other. I am the only one who works there and most days are very uneventful. I manage a storage facility. My boss is fine with me having the baby at work a few days per week. I am not due for a while so I have time to think about it. I am unsure what to do. I want to spend as much time with my baby as possible and I don't really want the grandparents to babysit all the time. My concern is that I have customers once in a while that need my attention for more than just a minute or so. Usually I get 10-15 people in a day (if that) to pay their bill. It takes 2 minutes tops. However if I rent a unit out or end a contract it can take around 15 minutes. I might do 1 per day maybe. If I have a customer like this and my baby begins to wail because he/she needs a diaper change what do I do? Either my child or my customer is not getting their needs met. Most of the time this won't be an issue at all. I am just unsure. I also have to do a walk through of the facility everyday and sometimes I need to go out and show a customer a unit. When the weather is nice I doubt this will be a problem but if it is cold I will have to take to bundle the baby up. I am afraid people will be impatient and find this unprofessional. I guess if my boss isn't concerned about it then I should not be either. What do you guys think? If I did do this I would bring the bassinet into the office as well as the bouncy seat and/or travel swing. I would have toys for his/her entertainment and a play yard when he/she gets bigger. I want to spend the extra time with my baby. I work so much and I am a full time student at the university. It wont effect the rest of my work because there is not much more to my job than just sitting in the office and taking a call or payment. I feel guilty already about how little time I will have with the baby. I just thought this arrangement would help. Do any of you have a similar situation. DO people take their babies to work? Are you able to get work done?

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I was having a fit, cause im a nanny and my boss didnt think they were going to let me bring my son... they finally caved and are going to let me do a trial, I say bring him it your boss doesnt mind.. it will make you feel better and im sure your little one wont mind =)
Bring your baby if you are comfortable with it.  If it doesn't work out or it's not the best situation for the baby, you'll know it then and you can find other means of watching him/her.  I occassionaly bring my sons to work, it was fine when they were infants, but they are 3 and 5 now and I'm exhausted by the end of the day.  I'm in the office and I find it very hard to answer the phones or type an email and pay attention to my little ones.  The only thing is they do sleep so much in the beginning that part makes it easier. 
I'd love to take my baby to work when he/she is born! I have discussed it with my employer as well... There is a program called Babies At Work, go to: for more info. :)
Another thing to consider is if you wear your baby in a sling or some such, they will be much less fussy and needy. The bassinet/swing/playyard is good for sometimes, but like you said if you need to go outside and the weather is less than ideal you can just get a coat a couple sizes too big and it will fit both you and baby. I used a sling with #2 and it worked very well.Good luck figuring out what you want to do!

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