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Should I take my breast pump to the hospital??

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Should I take my breast pump to the hospital to pump if the baby has a hard time latching on at first?

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Hello,There typically isn't a need to bring your pump with you or use a pump at all the first few days after birth (unless you are planning on not nursing - which I assume isn't the case since you have a pump)1) If you for some reason do have a need to pump, hospitals have them available for their patients. Don't worry - they have new, sealed parts that actually touch your body!2) If you are planning on nursing your child then your baby will take care of the job the pump is designed to do. 3) If you are planning a vaginal delivery you will likely be out of the hospital before your full milk supply actually comes in (typically 2-4 days after birth). Before that time, your baby will drink colostrum - a form of milk that is packed with the nutrients and antibodies your newborn will need. I.e., there won't be anything for you to pump.4) If you are planning a c-section and will be in the hospital for 3-4 days AND you are not planning on nursing, you will need to expel your milk to avoid painful swelling in your breasts.  Then you can use the pump the hospital provides you.  You can always call your hospital or your doctor to see what they recommend.  If you are planning to nurse, nature will take care of itself.  Your body will make what your baby needs.Congratulations and good luck!
When I had my last baby she was very sick and went to ICU and stayed there. I couldn't have nursed her even if I had wanted to. Hopefully that won't be the case with your baby. It never hurts to be prepared for anything. As for the hospital pumps I think they are manual so if you prefer electric I would take it just in case.
If you want to take your pump and feel more comfortable with it than go ahead. Unlike what jkclark213 thinks you can pump and get something out when its just the colostrum. I had to use the hospitals pump because we couldn't afford one of our own and my son was 5 weeks early and small so he couldn't latch on at first. The equipment they give you is sterile and unopened when you get it though. Good luck.

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