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Should we try again?

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I had a miscarriage at 14 weeks and I am very unsure if I want to try again. I already have two kids ages 14 & 7. I can start trying at the end of the month my doctor said if I want to. I have no idea what to do!!!

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So sorry to hear about your miscarriage.  It really does take a lot out of us to go through that.  Only you and your husband/sig other will know what is right for you.  I delivered a stillborn last year when I was 20wks along and it took a lot out of the whole family, but 5mths later we were ready to try again and now I am 34wks along.  This pregnancy has been stressful especially around the time I lost the last one, but my doctor has been excellent and reasurring the whole time.  Talking about it really does help.  Good Luck with your decision.
It's up to you and your family.  Do you want to add an addition to the family.  Like the above said, you can have a miscarriage and go on to have a perfectly healthy child.  My cousin has had 2 in a row, she lost both at 10 weeks the doctor told her they think because her hormone levels were too low.  If you are really wanting to add to your family, then try again.  I've always heard the best time to get pregnant again is right after a miscarriage (if you can emotionally handle it) because your body already contains the hormones you need for pregnancy.  Your doctor already knows you lost one, so he/she can start checking your hormone levels around 12 weeks to make sure that you are okay.  If you decide to get pregnant again, take it easy for a few months.  It will be scary, there's no question about that, but my hubby and I have always asked would we regret trying, but would we regret later in life not trying again...probably.  That's the question you need to ask.  Hope this helps and I'm sorry for your loss. 
Oh I meant to say that same cousin who lost 2 in a row is now 6 months along with her 3rd baby.  :)
its up to you if you and your husband want another baby if you do then you should try again if not then just wait its totally up to you and your husband
I'm sorry to hear about you miscarriage. I went throught a miscarriage in '07 and swear up and down I never wanted to get pregnant again or have a baby. I was fine just being Aunty and step mom. But then as the years went on with my boyfriend and I we both started to think more about having a family together and we started to talk about a baby and before either of us knew it it wasn't talk anymore. We were looking right at 2 postive pregnancy test. It took alot for me to get over my miscarriage. I would say that you and your husband need to sit down and really talk about weather or not you truly want to try again. You may not for a while. Good luck!
Thanks everyone for the advise and kind words!

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