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Sittn up 2 much...

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27weeks 2day... I tend 2 feel my baby more wen im sittn up rather den n e thng else! Ma question is, is dis a bad thng in a way? Lik cud she b movin extra cuz shes tryna say mommy get off me!? Lik i was sayn in da other post i feel her sooo low! N its lik im kinda nervous if im squashin her!? Evry 3days im sittn up 4 lik 3 hours str8 doin my hubby hair!! I cnt really stand n e more cuz ma feet n ankles r swolen!!! How often shud i start doin it now!? Or is sittn up 4 long not really a prob!? How much longr b4 my lil angel moves on up!? N does evrybdys belly button pop out!? Mines havent yet! Guess cuz she stl pretty low huh??!??

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im 24 weeks and i feel my baby low too..and not eveyones bellly button sticks out, mines like half way there so imagine how weird that looks lol when ur doing his hair i would take a break every like 20 mins or so and walk around just to excersise ur legs..everyone carries different so i would worry that u feel her low..she/he is still pretty tiney, only weighin like 1pd to 1 1/2 dont worry

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