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I am 25 weeks.. and eventhough I use a body pillow to help im still really uncomfortable. I usually fall asleep on my back.. Is that ok??

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I have heard it could cut off oxygen and blood supply to the baby. I would talk to the doctor to make sure.
Its advised not to sleep on your back to a major vein that when sleeping on your back the baby puts pressure on and can reduce blood flow affecting both you and the baby. If you're really worried about it talk to your doctor. I'm about 26 weeks and still lay on my back fairly often I just get uncomfortable and have to move. Your body and baby will tell you if you need to move. Just natures way of taking care of everything. Good luck getting comfortable.
The thing is I dont get uncomfortable laying on my back at all.. Its the most comfortable way for me to lay.
The only thing that I can think of is try not to sleep on the same side all the time. I had the same problem with my first pregnancy and fortunately since I'm only 25 weeks with this one haven't had much problem with it yet. It is okay to sleep on your right side as well. Hope this helps
Thanks, Cleighty! :)  I'll try switching it up when I get up to use the washroom.  Hopefully I'll remember before I pass back out on my pillow! lol

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