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Sleeping on my side but at times feeling like I am smooching the baby

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Ok, I am 27 weeks far and I try to rotate at night from my left and right side as it can get uncomfortable to stay in one position. I sleep with a pillow between my legs as I heard that is good. However, I tend to slant toward my belly (a bit) so I'm not 100% on my side (hope you guys know what I mean). I never sleep on my stomach but when I slant, I feel like I am smooching the baby. I don't know if that is the case or I am just too paranoid. Does anyone feel or go through the same thing as me?

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I feel that way too.  Like the weight of the baby is just pulling you towards the bed.  I'm on my 3rd pregnancy and haven't smooshed one yet.  :0)  I did make myself a small pillow that's kind of rectangle shaped to wedge under my belly.  I didn't like having the bigger ones under me, but this one just elevates my belly a bit and gives me some support so I don't feel like I'm leaning down on my tummy.  It really helped.  Try a small pillow under just your tummy, you might like the way it feels too!  :)
I already use a pillow under my belly but I guess it is all mental. I am scared of hurting my baby.
I'm just 16 weeks along, and I haven't really started to show yet, but I am also worried about laying on my tummy and hurting my baby. Sometimes it is the only way that is comfortable for my back though. I think that pregnancy pillows look really nice, but I'm not sure if they would benefit me since my baby bump really hasn't formed yet??

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