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SNORING...Too loud

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I am 29 weeks pregnant and my husband says that I snore pretty loud at times. I have never had a snoring problem before I got pregnant and I didn't believe my husband at first but the other day I actually woke myself from a snore. I don't know if this is a common thing during the 3rd trimester and feel bad for my poor husband who cannot sleep. LOL. Are nasal trips for snoring bad while pregnant? Just curious to see if other pregnant women are snoring now that they are pregnant.

answers (3)

yep most definitly am here too boyfriend has always been the one that snored and you could always here him down the hallway even however now its me that is snoring loud enough that he cant sleep!! He just gently shakes me and I will wake up and then resituate and I guess its better then. I dont even remember when mornign comes that he had woke me up either =) good luck
I started snoring with my first pregnancy.  I think it has to due with the positions that you are laying in.  Most people try to stay on their left side when they are pregnant and snoring is pretty common in pregnancy so maybe they are connected.  I know when I am drop dead exhausted that's when I tend to snore the most and since you are growing a little person and it takes so much out of you, you are probably drop dead exhausted all the time.  I don't see why you couldn't use the nasal strips if you wanted, but like Maddison's Mommy my hubby just wakes me up and I fall right back asleep snore free.  :)
I have never had this problem but my hubby snores worse than anybody I know. He likes sleeping with 2 pillows under his head and one night he ended up with just 1 instead of 2 and he didn't snore at all! I would try toying with your pillows to see if that helps at all. Good luck! :)

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