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Snow Suit or Bunting?

2 answers
My husband is in the military and we are from Texas. We got stationed in South Korea and the winters get really cold. I have been looking online but I am not sure if I should buy a bunting that fits in the carrier or just buy snow suites. Any suggestions? Where can i find them and which ones are best?

answers (2)

i would buy both.  Those buntings that fit in the carrier are great.  My son is 1yr old and last winter I had one for the infant carseat.  It seemed to be very warm.  The best brand I think is by JJ cole.  They make them in infant & toddler sizes, also light weight and heavier weight.  They also have a lot of colors to choose from.  I also had a few snow suits.  If it's really cold where you live, you might need to use both.  It's always good to have the choice of which one you wanna use.  Hope it helped.
Thanks!! This was actually the most helpful resons i have recieved. I have been asking everyone!!!!!

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